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Opsview Monitor 5.2 Introduces Opspack Marketplace

Opsview 5.2

We have officially announced our latest product release Opsview Monitor 5.2! Version 5.2 includes the new Opspack Marketplace, which allows users to easily source and share integrations to manage any technology or service, and UI and performance enhancements to help Opsview users work even faster. Let’s take a more detailed look at the highlight features of Opsview Monitor 5.2. 

Opspack Marketplace

Opsview Monitor now includes options to import and export Monitoring Plugins and configuration data straight from the UI, and we have called these fantastic monitoring bundles Opspacks. The combination importing and exporting Opspacks with the new Opspack Marketplace allows Opsview users to easily source and share everything they need to monitor any technology or service. 

Opspack Marketplace

Opsview Monitor users have long been uploading Monitoring Plugins, creating Service Checks and configuring Host Templates in order to easily monitor a whole range of technologies. Not only does Version 5.2 allow users to export all of this as an Opspack, upload and download Opspacks from the Opspack Marketplace and import new Opspacks, they can now also upload and manage their plugins in the UI.  All Opsview Monitor users can join the Opsview Community and upload their own Opspacks to the Opspack Marketplace and download those contributed by other community members or from the new selections that we will continuously be adding. 

UI and Performance Enhancements

Opsview Monitor 5.2 includes several enhancements to help IT administrators and the IT operations team work smarter and faster, these include the following: 

  • Role detail improvements provides up to 90% faster reload time after monitoring configuration changes are made, and faster Dashboard loading
  • Time Series Database (RRD) improvements enables data storage on a separate system, which offers a massive speed improvement for graphing data read and writes when handling large amounts of performance data
  • Mass Action improvements make Downtime, Acknowledgements, Re-Check and Set Service State options even quicker and easier to use across multiple Hosts and Services 

Upgrade Now! 

Every second counts when working to resolve an issue, and these system response time improvements help to save those precious seconds, helping IT teams improve service uptime and team efficiency. 

The new capabilities of Opsview Monitor 5.2 are available now for all users of Opsview Monitor Enterprise, MSP, Pro and Atom Editions. The full list and documentation of new capabilities and enhancements is captured in the Opsview Monitor 5.2 Release Notes. To see these new capabilities in action, take a few minutes to view our 5.2 announcement video and learn how to upgrade via our Knowledge Center

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by Eric Bernsen,
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