What We Monitor On Your Network

Opsview Monitor's SNMP tools solve targeted monitoring and alerting problems

Your Challenges

  • Some monitoring solutions provide only crude or overly-complicated support for SNMP-based polling and trap processing.
  • Solutions offering poor support for SNMP trap filtering leave IT staff drowning in unnecessary alerts.
  • IT admins may struggle to configure or troubleshoot SNMP monitoring tools without support.

Your Needs

  • Bringing SNMP-only devices and trap-based alerting under a unified IT monitoring solution.
  • Being able to easily poll and return data for specific OIDs and metrics-sets.
  • Setting alerts for specific SNMP traps and filtering out unwanted noise.

Our Capabilities

  • Ensure availability 24/7
  • View problems from multiple perspectives and quickly identify root causes.
  • Set benchmarks and generate analytical reports with Opsview Monitor, asserting SLA compliance.
  • Business Service Monitoring
  • Deliver alerts on schedule via text, voice, or services like Twilio, Amazon SNS, Slack, or Opsview Monitor Mobile.
  • Protect your SNMP monitoring environment with Opsview Monitor's optional High Availability (HA) package.

Take control of your complex IT infrastructure with Opsview Monitor.