Network Monitoring Dashboard

NetFlow Monitoring

The Network Analyzer allows insight into the protocol usage on a network, data transfers that are saturating the network, the end nodes that are transmitting and receiving data, packet loss, and more. Network Analyzer consists of two modules: Flow Collector and Net Audit.


Cisco ACI Opspack

And what’s more…we have just released an Opspack for monitoring Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure). So, if you have (or are planning) to use Cisco’s software-defined networking capability, then this comprehensive Opspack is essential.


Cisco ACI Opspack
Network Monitoring Investigate Screen

A single pane of glass

If you just want to bring more of your IT estate under Opsview’s single pane of glass, or if you want to consolidate tools and reduce costs, then using Opsview for network monitoring can make a lot of sense.

Opsview's SNMP monitoring tools solve targeted monitoring and alerting problems

What We Monitor On Your Network

Comprehensive SNMP monitoring with Opsview.