Why is Visibility Important?

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

Is your view of IT resources fragmented and incomplete? Is your monitoring hard to configure? Does it lack simple ways of observing the full range of technologies you use? Bad monitoring can slow innovation and expose your organization to risk from outages and security incidents.

Too Many Tools and Instances

Using many different monitoring tools (a.k.a "Tool Sprawl") or many instances of a monitoring solution that can't scale leaves IT organizations with a fragmented, noisy view of the tech stack, leading to time wasted fire-fighting instead of innovating, automating, and improving your bottom line.

Cutting through the noise

Complex monitoring tools (or too many unconnected tools) can make it hard to extract relevant, actionable information from affected systems, inhibiting visibility and slowing time-to-repair. When the average cost of IT downtime is pushing $5600/minute, you need to find fixes faster.

Visibility Resources

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