Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

A SaaS monitoring tool that grows with your business

Quickly monitor the largest and most-diverse on-premises and cloud-resident IT estates with autodiscovery, automation, and integrations with leading enterprise IT Ops management and CMDB solutions. Opsview Cloud is a SaaS monitoring tool that lets you adopt and assimilate new technologies quickly and focus on driving strategic innovation.

Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring (BSM) lets you easily model and monitor availability and performance of business-critical services and resilient clusters. Intervene proactively to maintain key services instead of fire-fighting at the infrastructure level. Do it all from the Cloud with Opsview's SaaS monitoring tool.

Opsview Business Service Monitoring
Opsview Server Monitoring Dashboard

Observe and Analyze

Color-coded summary displays put info at your fingertips. Easy-to-build dashboards provide custom views for IT Operations and business stakeholders. Comprehensive reporting, SLA compliance, and trends analysis keep you ahead of SLOs and in compliance with SLAs.

Opsview Cloud's Benefits

SaaS Monitoring Tool

Opsview Cloud