Professional monitoring solutions for complex hybrid environments

Monitor your cloud

You now need to ensure that cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Google, and Salesforce, are delivering as promised. With Opsview Monitor, you can track the key metrics that tell you how your cloud services are performing, so you can quickly address any issues.

Automated Monitoring

With support for leading automation tools, such as Puppet and Chef, you can automate your monitoring deployment. Automatically apply monitoring as part of your standard rollout of new hosts or applications, freeing up your time for projects that drive the business.

Complete view of services

Whether behind your firewall or in the cloud, you can see the status of all your business critical services in a single dashboard. If an essential service turns red, you can easily drill down to identify the root cause and quickly resolve the issue before the business is impacted.

Hybrid Monitoring Opspacks

Take control of your complex IT infrastructure with Opsview Monitor.