Opsview Log Analytics

Identify potential security breaches quickly

Opsview Log Analytics takes Security Information and Event Management [SIEM] system to the next level. By adding unlimited data to the platform we are able to address security use cases one by one. A single log analytics node can handle thousands of events per second and a clustered node setup can provide both scalability and high-availability.

Close integration with IT operational data in Opsview Log Analytics allows you to run our queries across the entire dataset. As a result, a complicated task such as searching through hundreds of terabytes of disparate data is made simple. For example, we can help you to detect DDoS attacks, error codes, rapid changes in application error counts, file changes and unusually long sessions.

Reduce your data and license costs

The licensing model for Opsview Log Analytics is based on the number of data nodes used, as opposed to data volumes. It is the market’s most cost-effective solution for log management, even with very large and growing amounts of data. Unified end-to-end monitoring and log analytics all from Opsview allows you to avoid tool sprawl, the need to manage multiple vendor relationships and reduces your overall subscription costs.

Opsview Log Analytics
Opsview Log Analytics


Opsview Log Analytics is a scalable solution for IT environments of all sizes. With a flexible architecture, out-of-box horizontal scaling, load balancing, high availability and geographical redundancy, Opsview Log Analytics can handle huge amounts of data. As you scale your data, you can simply increase your node count to accommodate terabytes of additional data.

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