Opsview Monitor Features

Automatically find hosts, identify them and bulk configure them with ease, saving time and effort.
Business Service Monitoring
Set thresholds and notification for hosts and servers organised by business service.
Integrate your existing change control process with Opsview Monitor.
Proactive Support
We help you every step of the way by providing exceptional customer support to help you achieve success.
Unified Insight
Visualize your on-premises or cloud infrastructure in your NOC with ease.
Distributed Architecture
Scale out your monitoring over multiple sites with our highly distributed architecture.
Easy to config and use
Spend less time configuring and managing your monitoring system.
Graph Center
Easily view metrics by service check type, host templates, Hashtags or Business Services.
High Availability
Enterprise-grade resilience allows ‘hot’ or ‘warm’ failover to a secondary site in the event of a failure.
Monitor any major OS
We don’t limit data retention can you to report on historical trends & track your infrastructure’s performance results.
Agent or agentless
Users can create their own hosts and choose how they want to monitor them, all using our intuitive UI.
My Links
Allows users to convert a ‘shared URL’ into a permanent link making it easy find the information you need.
Comprehensive Coverage
Deep dive into your network by analyzing NetFlow, sFlow, and jFlow data from vendors like Cisco, Juniper and HP.
Built-in Notifications
Configure intelligent alerts using one of many built-in notification methods.
Opspack Marketplace
Distill the operational intelligence needed to monitor everything from Docker and VMware to Apache, Amazon Web Services, Hyper-V and much more.
Opsview WatchDog
Constantly monitor the internal processes and components of Opsview Monitor.
Hypervisor and VM data collection
Overlay monitored data onto any image allowing you to present metrics in any context.
Scale in excess of 20,000 hosts - however large your estate gets, we've got you covered.
Security Wallet
Encrypt database connections, communications between slave & master servers, & host login credentials.
Comprehensive framework coverage
Create and automate a full range of reports, including Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports.
SNMP Traps
Allow alerts sent by devices on a network to be captured and appropriately handled by your team.
Available for all MSP customers, is an effective way to easily promote and advertise your brand.