Benefits of Automation

Grow Fast/See Everything

Does your IT monitoring solution need to be manually scaled and distributed as your hybrid IT estate grows? Do your IT operators need to manually configure monitoring as you provision new equipment, services, and applications? Learn how automating IT monitoring processes can save money and time, eliminate brakes on growth, enable visibility, and improve overall IT uptime

Lower Costs

Are your IT operators still configuring monitoring manually? Eliminating this time-consuming, error-prone, non-strategic work can save up to 71% of TCO for your monitoring solution. Better: automatically deployed and configured monitoring is intrinsically more available and reliable -- giving you an important edge in preventing costly outages of monitored assets.

Zero Downtime?

IT downtime can represent an existential risk to your business. But when monitoring is deeply linked with automation, it becomes your first line of defense: triggering automated repair or redeployment of troubled infrastructure and applications. Learn how automation-intensive monitoring can help you aim for zero downtime.

Automation Resources

Opsview's Ansible modules let you monitor what you deploy, quickly and easily.
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
Opsview provides a complete suite of Ansible modules and an underlying Python package that makes short work of automating routine monitoring tasks at...
Results Exporter lets Opsview 6.1 users integrate with Splunk and other analytics platforms
By Owen Jenkins, Technical Intern
Added in Opsview Monitor 6.1, the Results Exporter component makes it easy to export your results out of Opsview Monitor for ingestion into other...
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
Autodiscovery helps Opsview Monitor users quickly locate and extract information from hosts in the wild, enabling rapid configuration of monitoring
Opsview ServiceNow Integration
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
ServiceNow is a suite of modular IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions engineered to drive IT productivity and efficiency.
Opsview Monitor Splunk Results Exporter
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
Opsview Monitor's new Splunk Results Exporter provides a complete, easy-to-use toolkit for extracting, filtering, and reformatting raw data directl
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
DevOps is about accelerating delivery of new products and services at scale, reliably and affordably. Doing this requires automation. 

Opsview Monitor Automation Integrations