Let's make complex, simple.

Opsview Monitor is ideal for dynamic, fast-growing enterprises

who need to monitor existing and new technologies

from a single pane of glass.


Monitoring made easy again.

Easy to learn, easy to use. Monitoring you don’t need a degree in computer science to understand.

Any system, any size, anywhere.

From 2 hosts to 20,000 hosts, monitor anything on any environment.

Great Software. Great Support.

We believe in real engineer customer support. 24/7. If you get stuck, our experts get you unstuck, quick. And our Knowledge Center has all the detailed answers you need to be successful. Simple as that.

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Keeping 16,000 students and over 2,000 staff spanning four facilities constantly connected. 

Monitoring a multinational, global infrastructure with Opsview. 

Supporting the infrastructure of the largest network of events and participants in the world.

The most connected campus in the United States stays connected and ensures uptime using Opsview.

The world’s leader of technological innovation chooses Opsview for its data centers.

Center of expertise for global business insurance and large corporate and specialty risks monitors worldwide network serving over 160 countries.

Your time is valuable.
Get more of it.
Opsview is designed to alert you to exactly what needs your attention and why. Helping you focus and prioritize instead of putting fires out.

Discover and map your entire environment in seconds

With auto discovery and mapping, you'll see your entire environment and get up and running faster by identifying all the hosts on your network with one click. When you see everything in one place, you have more control and can make better decisions.

Full Nagios® Plug-In Compatibility

We know Nagios® can be a daily headache that you dread working with. But all those plug-ins are useful, right? Well Opsview Monitor is fully compatible with any Nagios®  plug-in, making it that much easier to upgrade. Consider it the aspirin to your Nagios®  headache.

See what matters first, before service is interrupted

Make the complex simple with Business Service Monitoring. Collect and group components that affect a business service together. Then you can identify exactly what is being affected, and fix it before any business service is interrupted.

Easy configuration management

Our pre-configured templates, called Opspacks, combined with our bulk configuration tools massively reduces the time you spend on managing your monitoring system. And you can check it all out first using a test system, to ensure nothing affects your production environment.

"We were particularly impressed with Opsview's well-developed API as it meant we could easily integrate it with our other monitoring tools."
Mike Heisler, Systems Engineer, Cornell University

Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition

Scalable monitoring for your entire IT infrastructure, network, business services or anything with an IP address. Automatically discover, monitor and analyze it all. Gain new insights to deliver better value to your organization.

Opsview Monitor Pro

Get started with enterprise-class monitoring for up to 300 hosts with proactive technical support. Monitor worry free.

Opsview Monitor Atom Edition

Easy to use. Tons of features. Completely free up to 25 hosts.
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