ServiceNow Integration

Opsview Monitor 6.1 offers improved, bidirectional integration

Splunk Integration

Opsview Monitor 6.1 introduces the Splunk Results Exporter

What makes Opsview Monitor different?

Fix what matters most

Fix what matters most, first

Service-centric dashboards and reports give you real-time insight into the business impact of alerts. No more panicked fire-fighting or operational confusion. Get to the systems that matter most fast and fix them first.

Integrate with anything

Integrate with anything

Out-of-the-box support for leading enterprise hardware, application stacks, service desks and notification software make on-boarding our platform easy. You’ll love that we’re 100% Nagios plugin compatible too.

Automate and scale anywhere

Automate and scale anywhere

Advanced auto-discovery features combine with popular DevOps tools to automatically and consistently monitor new workloads as they’re deployed on bare metal, virtual machines or in the cloud.

Rapid time to value

Rapid time to value

Quick to install, easy to use and manage. Our award-winning Customer Success Team will ensure we meet your future monitoring requirements, no matter how complex.


Trusted by some of the world's largest enterprises

Where we fit into your stack

We deliver unified insight into your stack from your hardware and network infrastructure, through to your public and private cloud environments, virtual machines, operating systems, container orchestration layer right on up into your application code layer. Opsview Monitor provides the foundation upon which you can run log monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM) and business metrics systems.

Enterprise Stack

We're often used by enterprises looking to...

Maximize security & control

Maximize security & control

Security breaches, forced upgrades or unexpected downtime by SaaS monitoring vendors can be highly disruptive. Using Opsview Monitor means you control system security, upgrade cycles, connectivity and physical access.


Ensure regulatory compliance

Many enterprises can't ship their data to 3rd party environments like the cloud for company policy or regulatory reasons. With Opsview Monitor you keep full control of where you locate your data, how you store it and who you share it with.

Cost Savings

Make significant cost savings

Our flexible subscription plans cost much less than the perpetual licenses used by legacy software providers and make usage planning far easier than the pay-as-you-go models used by most SaaS monitoring vendors.

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