"Comprehensive coverage, rapid resolution, monitoring automation"
Automate your monitoring and make time for important projects. 
Monitor Complex Environments Easily

Fast to configure, monitor complex IT in seconds

Automatically discover and dynamically configure monitoring for everything in your IT estate, ensuring full coverage and freeing up your time for other important work. With everything in one place you have more control and can make better business decisions.

Full Nagios® Plug-In Compatibility

We know Nagios® can be a daily headache that you dread working with. But all those plug-ins are useful, right? Well Opsview Monitor is fully compatible with any Nagios® plug-in, making it that much easier to upgrade. Consider it the aspirin to your Nagios® headache.
Nagios Dashboards and Plug-in Capability
Monitor everything in a single pane of glass

Exceed service expectations and improve efficiency

Customizable dashboards and in-depth reporting functions make it easy to demonstrate your IT department’s performance while giving a visual representation of your IT operations. Business Service Monitoring also collects and groups components that affect a business service together enabling you to identify exactly what is being affected.

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"We were particularly impressed with Opsview's well-developed API as it meant we could easily integrate it with our other monitoring tools."
Mike Heisler, Systems Engineer, Cornell University