Keep your APIs up and functioning 24/7

Test your APIs from top to bottom by setting up multiple HTTP requests. Retrieve data from each request and use it to perform tasks in other steps.

Monitor your APIs from 230 global checkpoints. Use ITRS Uptrends Concurrent Monitoring to test from several locations simultaneously.

Check the performance of every request, and set assertions for maximum response times. Spot trends in your performance dashboards.

API Monitoring

API Monitoring
Uptrends Dashboard

Capture data from the user’s perspective

Monitor your site with ITRS Uptrends' Synthetic Monitoring technology that utilizes a real browser. This tech spins a browser from a dedicated server to render a webpage locally.

ITRS Uptrends empowers you to monitor your website from 230 checkpoints located globally. No matter where you are in relation to your users, you always know if they are experiencing downtime or performance problems.

Website Monitoring

Improve your website performance

ITRS Uptrends opens up a real browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) on one of the worldwide locations you have selected and loads your website with all its elements—exactly like your users see it. You build a detailed picture of your website performance, and you’ll spot peaks in load times immediately.

Build data faster with Concurrent Monitoring. Choose from 3 or more locations, and ITRS Uptrends tests from all of them all at the same time. You’ll get a ton more data and quicker alerting.

Web Performance Monitoring

Web Performance Monitoring
Real User Monitoring

Get performance data directly from your users

Real User Monitoring (RUM) gets you data from your real users in real time. View load times per browser, OS and device type.

Harness your actual user’s experience and collect and quantify website performance and user data directly from your site’s visitors with Real User Monitoring (RUM).

ITRS Uptrends' Real User Monitoring extends on the web analytics tools you already use. A common approach would be to use RUM to see how your website actually performs from a user's perspective, and get insight into profiling these users from tools like Google Analytics.

Real User Monitoring