What you have to think about when monitoring VMware?

Your Challenges

  • Lack of a consolidated, holistic view of the entire datacenter estate, including virtualized and non-virtualized systems, to define platform availability
  • Quickly identifying virtualized vs. non-virtualized host operating systems
  • Monitoring virtualized systems as traditional hardware
  • Lack of differentiation between VM and host alerts, getting two alerts for one failure
  • Installation and configuration of the monitoring agent for the VM hosts and guests
  • Bandwidth and performance metrics from the hypervisor and/or guest OS may be skewed or inaccurate

Your Needs

  • Consolidated solution for consistent monitoring across enterprise infrastructure, virtualization and cloud(s)
  • Seamless relationship tracking between VMs and the platform on which they’re instantiated
  • Monitoring integration with your virtualized infrastructure manager as well as 3rd-party virtualization management offerings
  • A monitoring solution API that allows CMDB to update the monitoring solution based on real-time events and dynamic, virtualized infrastructure changes

Our Capabilities

  • Support for VMware, Hyper-V, KVM hypervisors and tooling
  • Automatically discover your VMware virtual machines
  • Collect key metrics from the hypervisor independent of VMs
  • Be alerted, and visualize virtual machine bandwidth consumption when it crosses defined thresholds
  • Virtual infrastructure insights with minimal configuration required
  • Disambiguation of the relationship between VM and Hypervisor - receive relevant alerts from only one of them

Virtualization Monitoring Opspacks

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