Opsview Monitor for
DevOps Teams

Understand how your IT operations impact business performance

Business Owner IT Administrator


  • IT value proposition - demonstrate how your IT investment drives business success
  • Downtime - maximize availability of your distributed, hybrid IT operations
  • Cost control - maintaining multiple point solutions to monitor infrastructure and apps can be inefficient and expensive


  • Business service performance - understand the business service impact of IT operations, not just specific applications
  • Anticipate potential IT failures - predict downtime before it causes business disruption
  • Single, unified tool - monitor exponential growth & variety of data points, on-premises & in the cloud

How Opsview Monitor helps business owners

  • Unified Insight - replacing siloed monitoring tools with a single view of your hybrid IT infrastructure improves the alignment of business, development & operations teams
  • Business Service Monitoring - enables the correlation of IT failures with business impact
  • Automation - automatic monitoring and alerting increases time for innovation and strategic value

  • Reduce the cost of operations - our easy-to-use platform lowers the overhead of on-boarding new team members and ongoing maintenance
  • Comprehensive workload coverage - avoids different teams funding shadow IT monitoring projects
  • Dedicated to your success - our proactive Customer Success team ensures monitoring best practices are implemented in the widest range of use cases

Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"We needed a monitoring solution which could be integrated with our deployment process using open API’s. That's why we chose Opsview Monitor."
Arthur de Paux, Technical Director
"Opsview Monitor as a monitoring platform is very important to us and has really enhanced confidence in proactive monitoring across my teams."
Jeremy Gumbley
Jeremy Gumbley, CTO
"We have +20k hosts monitored in Opsview Monitor and, at this moment, have only 6 unattended alerts. Compared to before that’s amazing."
Thomas Wollan
Thomas Wollan, NOC Manager

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