Why is consolidating performance metrics from different OSs difficult?

Your Challenges

  • Diversity of operating system versions and types can make it difficult to standardize on a single monitoring platform, particularly if it’s vendor provided.
  • Certain operating systems weren’t designed to provide custom or even native metrics, nor monitoring integration.
  • Agentless monitoring may be recquired in certain operating environments.

Your Needs

  • Monitoring that covers Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux and Centos Linux, AIX, and potentially z/Linux, as well.
  • Extensible monitoring with a rich, well-documented API to integrate with your existing operating system management and monitoring infrastructure.
  • Consolidated view of operating system metrics across all platforms, not just a single OS type.

Our Capabilities

  • Supports Windows, Linux, AIX and z/Linux.
  • Agent or agentless metric collection and monitoring.
  • Support for legacy operating systems such as Windows 2000.
  • Feature-rich API
  • Automatically discover and monitor all your Windows & Linux systems.

OS Monitoring Opspacks