Our Peer2Peer virtual events are focused on you, our customers, providing you with your needs and wants through peer-to-peer learning. We centre our agenda around your suggestions and make sure our topics are tailored to your preferences.

Throughout these events you’ll be able to hear from expert speakers, take part in live Q&A sessions, network with fellow Opsviewers and of course, our very own experts. You’ll also be able to book one-to-one appointments with our Opsview team, all of which is tailored to the topics you provide us.

Head of Platform and Engineering
VP Product Management
Engineering Support: Automation and Monitoring Engineer

Summary of Opsview Peer2Peer May 2021

  • The inaugural Opsview Peer2Peer kickstarted on May 12th 2021.
  • Opsview’s CEO Michael Walton had a warm welcome for our customers, joining from all around the globe. Matthew Walker, our Chief Revenue Officer, chaired our first customer panel discussion.
  • This panel discussion included two of our customers, BT and UK Cloud, as well as our own, Brent Larson. Throughout this discussion, the panel dived into questions around BSM and Automation. You can watch the full video clip here.
  • Our VP of Product, Scott Heyhoe, presented on our future product roadmap and our customers took part in an interactive questionnaire.
  • Virtual networking took place afterwards, where all our customers were seated on virtual roundtables with our Opsview experts. Great conversations were had!
  • Overall, our virtual event was a great success, and we look forward to hosting our next customer event on October 2021.
Stephen Sunners
Senior Monitoring Solutions Engineer
VP Product Management
Presales Consultant

Summary of Opsview Peer2Peer October 2021

  • Our virtual event kicked off on October 14th 2021.
  • Opsview’s VP of Product Management, Scott Heyhoe, provided a warm welcome to our customers, as well as introducing our agenda.
  • Stephen Sunners from SKY, who has worked with Opsview since 2008/9, kicked things off by presenting on downtime and event handlers.
  • Our customers were then greeted by Scott Heyhoe again, as he gave a sneak peek into a new product of ours, Network Topology. This being the number one product roadmap suggestion back in May. Scott discussed the benefits, the visuals, and the opportunities available to our customers with this new module.
  • Michael Walton then took a few minutes to tell our customers about our acquisition by the ITRS Group, about their products and what this means for our current customers.
  • Finally, Kaj Ridefelt joined the stage to showcase a demo of Opsview Log Analytics. Another new product feature!
  • Virtual networking took place after, where our customers could interact with fellow peers and our Opsview experts.
  • Overall, our virtual event was a huge success. We look forward to hosting our next customer event in April 2022.
Vice President, Sales Engineering
Senior Solutions Architect
Product Owner

Summary of Opsview Peer2Peer April 2022

  • Our third Opsview Peer2Peer event took place on April 27th, 2022.
  • After a warm welcome from our CEO Mike Walton, Neil Ferguson, VP of Sales Engineering introduced our agenda.
  • Spencer Holland who has worked for Capgemini for 24 years then joined the stage, discussing topics such as moving away from expensive legacy tools, scalability, and data security.
  • Our customers were then presented with a demo of our latest feature, Log Analytics. You can watch this video here.
  • Finally, Scott Evans, Product Owner here at Opsview went through our latest product roadmap, showcasing future plans and product features.
  • As always, virtual networking took place after our speaker slots, providing an interactive experience for our customers to ask any questions and interact with our Opsview experts.
  • Great to have another successful virtual event! We look forward to hosting our next customer event later in the year.

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