AWS Cloud Monitoring

Amazon Web Services is the largest public cloud platform currently representing around 35% of the Cloud Infrastructure market. It is the most widely used provider serving many platforms you interact with daily, such as AirBnB, Netflix or GE. Many IT Directors are starting to transition their systems to the cloud and AWS is their first choice.

Opsview can help. On top of our wide range of features that allow you to carefully keep an eye on your existing infrastructure, Opsview Monitor can accurately monitor and report on your emerging cloud infrastructure as part of a single pane of glass spanning your entire infrastructure. You now no longer need to use multiple tools to keep track of all your IT systems. Opsview Monitor covers it all in one place.


Why use Opsview Monitor over CloudWatch?

amazon cloud monitoring

Monitor everything from a single product

Combine AWS data with other hardware and application performance data for a complete overview of your entire stack. Opsview Monitor's full coverage improves efficiency, freeing time for projects that add value to the business.

Report and ensure service uptime

Utilize advanced reporting capabilities and fully integrate with our Business Service Monitoring capability. This enables you to anticipate and resolve issues from your entire estate before users are impacted.
Report on AWS

Harness the power of Opsview Monitor for AWS

A short tutorial introducing you to AWS Monitoring using Opsview Monitor. 

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Opsview Opspacks for all your AWS instances

Opsview provides Opspacks that enable teams to monitor the most popular AWS services, including EC2, S3, ELB, Route 53, Data Transfer and VPN. This gives you the ability to pull any required statistics from AWS CloudWatch, allowing you to monitor all AWS services that report to CloudWatch. 

Opsview provides support for all AWS regions including the latest in London (eu-west-2) and Canada (ca-central-1). The easy setup enables you to simply add your AWS access credentials in the Host settings and start pulling data into Opsview. Below is a selection of our most popular Opspacks, you can see the full range here


Monitor your AWS instances easily with Opsview

Opsview's software is trusted by the world's top organisations

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