AWS Monitoring Dashboard

AWS EC2 Monitoring

Opsview contains all the performance metrics needed to monitor, diagnose, and view metrics for your EC2 instance, including CPU utilization, CPU credit usage, and more. By default, you can retrieve metrics with a resolution of 5 minutes free of charge. Users are allowed to enable 1-minute resolution metrics from AWS which incur a cost upon usage and should be enabled through your AWS console.

AWS S3 Monitoring

Opsview's AWS S3 Opspack provides all of the latest metrics to track your S3 buckets. Service checks included in the Opspack allow for tracking of GET and PUT requests across each bucket. S3 Request metrics can help you easily identify operational issues.

AWS Monitoring Investigate Screen
AWS Monitoring Opspacks

AWS ELB Monitoring

With our Opsview AWS ELB Opspack, you can easily and affordably monitor Amazon Web Services ELB (Elastic Load Balancing). Our Opspack provides detailed monitoring with various metrics across your AWS cloud, including; latency, healthy hosts counts, and backend connection errors.

The Challenges of AWS Monitoring

AWS Monitoring Coverage

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