What We Monitor on the Cloud

So, you've got production workloads running in the cloud. Now what?

Your Challenges

  • Each cloud platform, public and private, has a separate monitoring dashboard
  • Cloud-specific data retention policies lead to inconsistent metrics, history and data analysis
  • Limited to the monitoring capabilities of individual cloud providers
  • Provider polling resolution is often set by provider and not readily customizable
  • Alert and event handling methods can be limited and inconsistent from one cloud to another

Your Needs

  • Consolidated solution for consistent monitoring across public, private, and hybrid clouds, as well as enterprise infrastructure, including hardware and virtualization
  • Consistent, standard alerting and notification with high-value filters easily applied
  • Highly customizable dashboards and metric collection
  • On-going support for new platforms and technologies

Our Cloud Capabilities

  • AWS Monitoring
  • Azure Monitoring
  • Openstack Monitoring
  • Slicehost Monitoring
  • Install Opsview Monitor on AWS EC2

Take control of your complex IT infrastructure with Opsview Monitor.