Cloud Monitoring Service

Cloud Computing has made enterprise IT more complex than ever. Whilst organizations continue to maintain large on-premise and virtualized infrastructures, many are now bursting over-capacity into the Cloud and migrating to Cloud-based SaaS applications like Salesforce or utilising AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Whether you see the Cloud as a bolt-on to on-premise infrastructures or as a new home for business-critical applications, operations teams must have the same insight into their Cloud-based systems as the rest of their infrastructure. Opsview Monitor's Cloud monitoring tools and accompanying capabilities coupled with award-winning coverage for physical and virtual systems delivers a 360° view of your entire infrastructure in real-time.


Automated Cloud Monitoring

Automated Cloud Monitoring Tools

For physical, virtual and Cloud systems alike, the automation of critical Cloud performance monitoring tasks is crucial for ensuring availability, providing efficient service and reducing manual errors, cost and complexity. Opsview's Puppet module allows Cloud-based hosts managed by Puppet to be added automatically into the Opsview monitoring suite.

Visible business value

Group your Cloud-based systems by business process and display their status using simple 'traffic lights' to all users. Correlate events between your physical, virtualized and Cloud-based systems.
BSM in Opsview Monitor
Opsview dashboard

Strategic insight, planning and customization

Anticipate problems and deliver the full operational insight needed for Cloud capacity planning. Teams are empowered by the easy integration with Cloud-specific management tools using Opsview's REST API.

Opsview for your cloud - there's an Opspack for that

Opsview enables teams to monitor the cloud with ease. Quickly, efficiently and accurately conduct regular performance checks, automate/schedule tasks, report, graph and analyze. Supporting the most common cloud environments out-of-the-box for Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3) Bucket, ServiceCloud, Slicehost and more.


You can monitor your Cloud environments in minutes using our free trial. SMBs can use Opsview Monitor Pro for up to 300 Hosts while Opsview Monitor Enterprise is recommended for large scale deployments on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid.


In the cloud or on-premise Opsview Monitor makes things simple

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Cobweb is a cloud services specialist and the largest hosted Exchange provider in Europe. As a leading cloud communications provider, Cobweb’s solutions remove the restrictions of on premise IT and offer the highest quality communication tools. 


University of Surrey

Keeping 16,000 students and over 2,000 staff spanning four facilities constantly connected. 

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The world’s leader of technological innovation chooses Opsview for its data centers.

A single overview of their entire IT estate with more than 37,000 students, 4,170 staff, and 747 courses.

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