So, you've got production workloads running in the cloud. Now what?

Your Challenges

  • Each cloud platform, public and private, has a separate monitoring dashboard
  • Cloud-specific data retention policies lead to inconsistent metrics, history and data analysis
  • Limited to the monitoring capabilities of individual cloud providers
  • Provider polling resolution is often set by provider and not readily customizable
  • Alert and event handling methods can be limited and inconsistent from one cloud to another

Your Needs

  • Consolidated solution for consistent monitoring across public, private, and hybrid clouds, as well as enterprise infrastructure, including hardware and virtualization
  • Consistent, standard alerting and notification with high-value filters easily applied
  • Highly customizable dashboards and metric collection
  • On-going support for new platforms and technologies

Why use Opsview Monitor for your cloud infrastructure?

Unified Insight
Unified Insight

A single portal to monitor, alert, and visualize events and consolidated performance metrics.

SLA Reporting

Historical data stored in the Opsview Data Warehouse with configurable retention and resolution policies.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage

Platform availability reports for single or multiple clouds, including applications, services, and private datacenter, that demonstrate operational efficiency to stakeholders and customers.

Business Service Monitoring
Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring visualizes and monitors independent processes such as business applications and allows you to demonstrate the true availability of the solution.


Our Opspacks, REST API, Service Connectors, and automation modules are the basis of a holistic, extensible, scalable, and consistent monitoring solution, now and in the future.

Built-in Notifications
Intelligent Notifications

Notifications sent to the right team member, at the right time, in the best way, with Opsview Notifications or cloud native options, such as Twilio voice / text, Opsview Monitor’s Mobile app, Amazon’s SNS, or even a Slack message.

How to Monitor AWS using CloudWatch and Opsview


Some of the cloud vendors we support

Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"If you’re serious about monitoring your production environment, you need to have reliability, scalability and intelligence of Opsview Monitor"
Noah Guttman
Noah Guttman, Systems Engineer
XConnect Global Networks
"IT monitoring is mission critical for any organization. If you don’t have it, or think you can get away with free tools, it can get very dangerous, very quickly."
Fabian Lorenz
Fabian Lorenz, IT Systems Architect
Stadtwerke Speyer
"Opsview Monitor provides exactly the right level of insight we needed – giving us a view of how services were performing as a whole"
Andy Mell
Andy Mell, Head of Infrastructure and Support
Cambridge University Press

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