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Uptrends Monitoring

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6.7
Opsview Supported

Uptrends Opspack

Monitor the uptime, performance, and accuracy of your websites, APIs, web applications, and servers. Test multi-step API calls, and check your websites using real browsers.

What You Can Monitor

This Opspack provides several Host Templates to monitor Uptrends Synthetics and Uptrends RUM.

Host Templates

The following Host Templates are currently provided by this Opspack. Click the name of each Host Template to be taken to the relevant information page, including a full Service Check description and usage instructions.

Setup Uptrends for Monitoring

To monitor your Uptrends monitors you need to create an Uptrends API account.

Create an Uptrends API account

Follow the instructions here to create your Uptrends API account. Make a note of these credentials as they will be required when setting up the included Host Templates.

Find the Uptrends Monitor GUID

The Monitor GUID can be found in the URL of your Uptrends Monitor dashboard.

Uptrends Monitor GUID

Make a note of all the Uptrends Monitor GUIDs you wish to monitor as these will be required when setting up the required Host Templates.