Server Monitoring Tools

Nobody has won the operating system wars so Windows, Linux and proprietary Unix are common in most modern datacenters. The complexity of server layouts has increased even further with the rise of virtualization technologies and the Cloud. Such a dynamic environment needs a single, flexible server monitoring solution to keep track of change.

Opsview offers the broadest operating system support available. There is no need to learn and switch between multiple server monitoring tools.

Coupled with native network, virtualization, enterprise application and cloud support Opsview offers unparalleled depth of coverage for your infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Opsview's Server Monitoring Tools

  • Check server performance and availability with real time monitoring
  • Group your servers by business process and display their status using simple 'traffic lights' to all users
  • Out-of-the-box Windows support includes system event logs and WMI stats
  • Support for Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Centos and Suse), Sun Solaris and Mac
  • Monitor CPU, memory utilisation, storage, processes and services
  • Deep-dive operational insights for capacity planning and guaranteed service levels

Which Opsview virtual server monitor is right for me?

For fast, easy and free server virtualization monitoring of your virtual IT systems download our free trial. Environments with a complex mix of physical and virtual environments should use Opsview Pro (SMEs) or Opsview Enterprise (for deployments monitoring up to 20,000 devices).