Opsview Server Monitoring Dashboard

Subscription Plans to Fit Your Budget

Opsview can be purchased using 3 different subscription plans. SMB is for smaller businesses that want to manage things themselves. Enterprise is for businesses that need that extra level of support and customization for larger IT estates. Cloud is for businesses that want to remove the headache of day-to-day monitoring management. 


Industry Leading Customer Support

Monitoring software without top-notch customer support isn't worth it. The Opsview Customer Success Team strives to create increasing value for our customers with their monitoring expertise. There's a reason why our team has an NPS score consistently over 90. 


Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring Investigation Dashboard
Opsview Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring, or BSM, allows you a much-enhanced view into your IT infrastructure – as opposed to looking at your infrastructure on a Host by Host basis. Your monitoring solution will understand resiliency, service / operational availability (SLA/OLA), and more.


Rapid Monitoring Development

With Opspacks, Opsview engineers can rapidly add new monitoring capabilities for your Opsview system. We are always gathering feedback from our customers on what new features they would like to see. 


Opsview Server Monitoring Dashboard
Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

Modern Architecture

The Opsview architecture was completely rewritten by our engineers with Opsview 6. Opsview is now a more scalable solution that can more easily be adapted to the vastly different IT systems that we see with our customers. Scaling your monitoring to 20, 30, or even 50,000 endpoints is not an uncommon requirement and the Opsview architecture can handle it.


Operating System Monitoring Coverage

Database Monitoring Coverage

Hardware Monitoring Coverage

Network Device Monitoring Coverage

Website Monitoring Coverage

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