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Opsview Monitor Mobile is compatible with all currently supported version of Opsview Monitor, this is currently 5.0+. Full details regarding supported version of Opsview Monitor can be found here.
Opsview Monitor Mobile supports Android version from 5.0 and iOS versions from 9.0.
Opsview Monitor Mobile requires your Opsvew Username in order to login and use Push Notifications, if you unsure of your username you can easily find it by using: this link, you username will be shown in the username field.
In order to set up Push Notifications you will need to first enable Push notifications on both your device and your Opsview Monitor server. Full instructions can be found here.
If you have a signed certificate and are using an Android device you may need to add the certificate to your device, the following instruction can be found here.

Learn how to set up Push Notifications on iOS and Android