Azure Monitoring Dashboard

Microsoft Azure

As a leading cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure is an open and growing collection of integrated cloud services used to build, deploy, and manage applications. With the power to deploy applications instantly, Azure enhances security measures, provides flexibility to operate within multiple environments and scales depending on your needs. 

Azure Monitoring

As a way of gaining complete visibility into your Azure services, we have created Opspacks covering several Azure components. Each of these Opspacks collect important metrics and ensure your Azure services are running as expected.

Azure Monitoring Investigate Screen
Azure Monitoring Opspacks

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines gives you the flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of computing solutions including development and testing, running applications and extending your data center. 

Azure AutoMonitor

Azure Express Scan provides a configuration wizard to guide you through and quickly discover Microsoft Azure objects (Hosts) within a given Azure subscription and automatically import them into Opsview.

Azure AutoMonitor Express Scan

Azure Monitoring Coverage

The Challenges of Azure Monitoring

Opsview Cloud

Comprehensive Azure monitoring for your business