Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

A Single Pane of Glass

Dashboards allow you to view data from your entire IT estate in a single pane of glass. Dashlets are used to create customizable, resizable views that help with the analysis of ongoing events. These views are based on various elements of Opsview, such as Business Service Monitoring, Reporting, Events, Hashtags, Host Groups, and Graphs.

Process Maps

This Dashlet allows you to upload an image to Opsview and overlay the monitored data onto the image.


Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard
Opsview Application Monitoring

Hashtag Tree Map

This Dashlet displays a visual representation of the health of the Service Checks within one or more Hashtags within Opsview. The size of the cell is proportional to the number of Service Checks within the given Hashtag in a certain state.


Performance Graph

This Dashlet allows Users to add a graph to their Dashlet, in a similar view and format to that within the Graph Center and within the 'Investigate Mode' in 'Host Groups, Hosts and Services'.


Opsview Azure Monitoring Dashboard
Opsview Website Monitoring Dashboard

Network Map

This Dashlet allows you to see the hierarchy of the Hosts within your environment by showing the dependencies between Hosts (as defined by the administrator), and draws a spider diagram outlining the relationship between Hosts, along with a status indicator for each Host.


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