Business Service Monitoring Grid View

Your entire IT estate, all of your critical business services, all in one place.

Think of this as your business-at-a-glance view. Here you will see the health of all of your end-to-end business services in one place, in real time. Your senior management might have this on their iPad, on their office wall, or maybe even in your company’s reception area. As an IT Operations Director, you will want this view on your big, Operations Center screens.

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Opsview Business Service Monitoring Grid View
Opsview Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring Detail

Expand the view of a business service; understand and investigate; get to the root cause quickly.

Click to navigate quickly to where your issues lie. See what has caused a critical service to move to a warning state or to fail completely. If your webstore or database service just stopped, you’ll want to understand why, and get it fixed quickly. Real-time availability counters help you understand how the service might be degrading, and allowing you to focus your attention on what us the most critical to bring that business service, and your business, back online.

Business Service Monitoring Problem View

Remove the noise, just see the problems.

If you have a lot of warnings and alerts going off, you’ll want to sort the signal from the noise. The problem filter allows you to do just that. A click of a button will collapse the BSM (business service monitoring) detailed view into just where the host checks are failing and the hosts that are affected. Prioritize your fixes, understand dependencies, bring hosts, sub-services and end-to-end services back online.


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Opsview Business Service Monitoring Problem View

Take a Tour of Opsview Business Service Monitoring

Take a Tour of Opsview Business Service Monitoring

BSM Jump-Start Consultancy Services

Want to ensure maximum observability? Need help creating your first BSM views? As you will be monitoring critical business services or end-customer estates, it is important to create those first few BSM views in an efficient and effective way.