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Cisco Advanced Monitoring

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6
Opsview Supported

Cisco ASA Monitoring Software

Opsview Monitor contains all of the service checks needed to monitor your IT network infrastructure. Whether monitoring a Cisco firewall, router, wireless equipment, or switching, we have you covered. Opsview is able to use the latest SNMP information to drill down to the specific items you need to monitor your critical equipment.

Service Checks

Service Check Description
Cisco Five min throughput Checks five minute throughput avg (inbound and outbound) for a Cisco interface
Cisco BGP Peer Checks status of BGP peer
Cisco ASA - HA status Checks status of Cisco CSS pair in HA mode

Cisco ASA Monitoring Software Setup and Configuration

To configure and utilize this Opspack, you simply need to add the 'Network - Cisco Advanced Opspack to your Opsview Monitor system.

Step 1: Add the Host Template

Add the Network - Cisco Advanced Host Template to your Opsview Monitor host.

For more information, refer to Opsview Knowledge Center - Adding Host Templates to Hosts.

Step 2: Enable SNMP

This opspack requires credentials to be setup in the SNMP tab

For more information, refer to Opsview Knowledge Center - SNMP Tab

Step 2: Apply changes and the system will now be monitored

Cisco Advanced Service Checks