What’s in the box

  • Opsview Monitor HA is a complete software and services package. With your IT team, an Opsview consultant will review your monitoring system, understand your HA needs, and recommend your optimal configuration.
  • If needed, our experts will upgrade you to the latest version of Opsview Monitor, and then ensure that your installation is performance-tuned for optimal monitoring. They will then work hand-in-hand with your IT team to deploy, configure and test your HA installation to the reference architecture below.

Importance of High Availability

Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard
Business Service Monitoring

Optimal configuration

In order to minimize the failover time, it is important to consider the physical location of the primary and secondary IT monitoring servers. Opsview will advise on this during the initial review. Performance tuning of your monitoring system, and then testing of your HA system, will allow you to determine your particular failover time, and capture the service level agreement (SLA) that you will be able to provide to your business.


  • Business continuity with real-time monitoring of your Opsview implementation
  • Near-instantaneous, automated failover for your business critical IT monitoring system
  • Time saving and error reduction through the automation of failover tasks
  • Performance tuning of your Opsview implementation
  • Best-practice knowledge transfer to your IT team
Server Monitoring Investigate Screen

Why get High Availability with your Opsview subscription?

Network Monitoring Dashboard

No Manual Intervention Needed

High Availability is completely automated, meaning no intervention necessary. The failover/switchover is an automatic, seamless process that ensures Opsview data collection continuity and is completely transparent to the end user.

No Downtime - No Problem

Opsview HA is a necessary capability for clients who cannot experience any downtime. With the Opsview back-up system, you are protected in case of a system error or failure. 

Monitoring Dashboard Panes
Web Monitoring Dashboard

No Data Loss

With Opsview orchestrator/collector architecture, collector systems continue to collect data while the HA failover occurs, ensuring no loss of data.

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