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Choosing The Right Server Monitoring Service

Server monitoring services

With modernized data centers becoming more complex and new variables being added into IT environments, having the ability to oversee server performance is vital to keeping systems up and running. Server monitoring allows IT admins to view important network/application metrics and provides a single interface that simplifies system management processes. However, not all server monitoring tools offer the same set of capabilities. Some are better equipped for enterprises while others are not cost-effective for SMBs who want to efficiently utilize their data, rather than deal with an overload of meaningless information. Choosing a server monitoring tool is a crucial decision, and that means you need to be aware of all the details that will help you pick a service equipped to handle the intricacies of your environment. 

Best Server Monitoring Service

Know your infrastructure 

The first step in choosing the right server monitoring service is to complete a detailed examination of your IT environment. It’s difficult to select a server monitoring tool that meets your needs if there is little insight regarding performance requirements. From hardware specifications to cloud computing efforts, analyzing all aspects of your infrastructure is the only way you’ll be able to properly evaluate a variety of solutions with different specialties. Being thorough in the early planning stages of the selection process ensures that your server monitoring service will support existing applications and not turn into a wasted resource that struggles in the compatibility department.   

Informative features 

Server monitoring vendors don’t lack enthusiasm when listing off product features that are promised to transform your network. Alerting, reports, and capacity planning are all capabilities to look out for when selecting a server monitoring tool. However, none of these will deliver the results you’re looking for if they aren’t customizable and take up valuable bandwidth in order to uncover any kind of actionable insights. A powerful server monitoring service informs users with easily digestible data points, which provides an increased awareness into the operational efficiency of your environment. Features can quickly turn into meaningless buzz-words when they only confirm the status quo, so make sure your server monitoring service brings new knowledge to light that has value and delivers a quantifiable ROI.  


Every IT department knows the importance of forecasting and keeping systems up-to-date to match with today’s rapid pace of technical innovation. Product upgrades and enhancements are standard procedure, but if you work at a company that is expecting future growth, scalability becomes a crucial component to your server monitoring service. As cloud computing and virtual workloads become more prevalent over time, your server monitoring solution has to keep up and work with new technologies that are constantly advancing. Organizational growth can bring about complex tasks for IT staff, but the right server monitoring tool will ease the transition by efficiently adapting to any changes within your infrastructure

Test different server monitoring companies

Many server monitoring tools work well during vendor demos, but seeing how the tool operates in a new datacenter is the true indicator of its worth. Before making any kind of commitments, it is wise to take advantage of free trials so you can go through the installation/set-up process and test product functionalities. Use the service in a lab setting and put it through as many realistic situations as possible that will determine how well it handles any problems its likely to face. If the service passes all the tests and fits seamlessly into your environment, you’ll have the confidence to move forward with a tool that will help you achieve top server performance. 

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