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Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring is the advanced monitoring of hosts and servers in Opsview Monitor. Business Service Monitoring, or BSM, sends out notifications for services that are offline or impacted, and sends out special emergency alerts once a threshold has been breached. In addition to its alert capabilities, BSM can generate reports and make recommendations.

Group Hosts into Components

Business Service Monitoring allows you to group similar hosts into components, set resiliency on these components, and add components together to form a more comprehensive, top level business service.

Business Service Monitoring with Opsview Monitor

Dashlet Benefits

Dashlets are available in the dashboard for viewing business service monitoring services and components. These Dashlets will automatically update to reflect the current state of the components. Dashlets provide easy access to investigate issues that may arise and to recheck services. 

Enhanced IT Infrastructure

BSM allows you a greatly-enhanced view into your IT infrastructure. Instead of looking at your infrastructure on a host by host basis, your monitoring solution will understand resiliency and service/operational availability (SLA/OLA), thus truly reflecting your infrastructure and what depends on it.

Cloud Monitor

Cloud Control

Readily know the business critical status of all your cloud platforms. Whether that's AWS, Azure, Salesforce and anything in between.

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