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TechJam Preview-From Plumbers to Business Partners: The Evolving Role of IT Admins


If you have worked in IT for long enough, you have gone through the frustrating experience of being called upon as the ‘fix it now’ guy, rather than spending your valuable time playing a strategic role within your department. Luckily, times are starting to change and running to IT to solve every computer related issue is becoming less and less acceptable by companies who need their technically inclined employees to focus on high priority organizational initiatives. As technology increasingly becomes a primary vehicle for business success, IT organizations need to adopt to a service provider approach that is focused on customer experience and business enablement. Now, how does the typical IT admin fit into this picture?

This will be the topic of choice on our upcoming webinar ‘From Plumbers to Business Partners: The Evolving Role of IT Admins’ which is taking place on Tuesday (November 17th) at 11 a.m. EST. Alongside Tom Hayes (Opsview’s VP of Product Strategy) will be Shamus McGillicuddy, a Senior Analyst of Network Management at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). We will be taking a look at the big trends in IT admins' shift from being a utility and cost center to becoming service providers, specifically by pinpointing exactly what IT admins can do to advance their career in a world where technology is at the forefront of business needs. Here are a few other subjects that our webinar will offer strategies on:

  • How IT admins can advance their careers
  • How to support a forward-thinking IT organization
  • Surprising insights for the future of IT admins from "The Opsview Sysadmin Survey"

Tired of being a leak fixer and are in need of methods to become a strategic business partner? Sign up for our webinar by clicking here and be sure to attend! 

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