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Free monitoring software is cost-effective, community supported and well documented. But just because it's free doesn't mean it's free from...
Survey Report 2019
The key takeaway from our research is that organizations aren't adopting a strategic approach to IT.
State of IT Survey Infographic
Our recent survey of global senior IT executives revealed key insights around the current IT landscape and the challenges faced by many companies. 
IT Infrastructure Survey Final Report
The results of this survey have been analyzed and the key findings are detailed in this comprehensive report.
When Time is Priceless Webinar
Can free monitoring solutions cope when enterprises demand ever faster time-to-value, unified insight, scalability, and performance?
No Alignment with Business Goals
A long-term relationship with your trusted monitoring vendor can help make your organization more adaptable, agile, and effective.
Free Monitoring Solutions: No Throat to Choke
Seems obvious, but one of the greatest drawbacks of free monitoring solutions is that you (mostly) need to support them internally.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hard to Scale
Enterprise hybrid IT estates can have tens of thousands of hosts. That's not the most important aspect in determining monitoring performance...
Ten Challenges Free Monitoring Infographic
Our team asked a group of sysadmins and CIOs to share their experiences using free IT monitoring solutions.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Trouble Swallowing
Time is money. And lost time is lost opportunity. So it's a good thing when monitoring helps you do things fast, fast, fast, with minimal errors.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hostage Situation
Learning how to use your free monitoring system efficiently; to scope out problems, and triage and solve them quickly puts huge pressure on IT...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Visibility, Cloudy
Effective monitoring requires the ability to visualize information: first, to highlight issues; then, to illuminate root causes.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Limited Insight
Free monitoring solutions require more coding, more expertise and more manual steps before you can feel confident that basic monitoring is working...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Even Simple Stuff is Hard to Monitor
Foregoing monitoring tool updates to ensure continuous solution availability is a bad strategy. The security of your solution will gradually erode.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Special Snowflakes
If your free monitoring solution confabulation works, congratulations! You've created a "special snowflake." One that you now need to validate,...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hard to Deploy and Manage
Free monitoring solutions can be hard to deploy, configure, and lifecycle-manager in production. What does this mean, exactly?