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Free monitoring software is cost-effective, community supported and well documented. But just because it's free doesn't mean it's free from...
No Alignment with Business Goals
A long-term relationship with your trusted monitoring vendor can help make your organization more adaptable, agile, and effective.
Free Monitoring Solutions: No Throat to Choke
Seems obvious, but one of the greatest drawbacks of free monitoring solutions is that you (mostly) need to support them internally.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hard to Scale
Enterprise hybrid IT estates can have tens of thousands of hosts. That's not the most important aspect in determining monitoring performance...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Trouble Swallowing
Time is money. And lost time is lost opportunity. So it's a good thing when monitoring helps you do things fast, fast, fast, with minimal errors.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hostage Situation
Learning how to use your free monitoring system efficiently; to scope out problems, and triage and solve them quickly puts huge pressure on IT...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Visibility, Cloudy
Effective monitoring requires the ability to visualize information: first, to highlight issues; then, to illuminate root causes.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Limited Insight
Free monitoring solutions require more coding, more expertise and more manual steps before you can feel confident that basic monitoring is working...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Even Simple Stuff is Hard to Monitor
Foregoing monitoring tool updates to ensure continuous solution availability is a bad strategy. The security of your solution will gradually erode.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Special Snowflakes
If your free monitoring solution confabulation works, congratulations! You've created a "special snowflake." One that you now need to validate,...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hard to Deploy and Manage
Free monitoring solutions can be hard to deploy, configure, and lifecycle-manager in production. What does this mean, exactly?