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IT Monitoring vs. IT Management

There’s no doubt that you’ve by now heard of both IT management and IT monitoring, and while they may sound similar, they are not totally synonymous.  Here at Opsview, we see IT management as a much broader term, referring to all IT activities within an organization, with the core purpose of generating value through technology. On the other hand, IT monitoring acts as the eyes and ears into the systems that allow these activities to function correctly.  To be more specific, IT monitoring feeds into IT management, ensuring both on-premise and cloud-based IT infrastructure remains stable. It’s impossible to successfully manage what you cannot monitor, which is why having a monitoring tool in place is so important. 

What is IT Management?

IT management is the maintaining of all IT operations and resources required by an organization. Often prioritized by need, these resources include hardware, software, data, networks, plus staffing and the strategic planning and execution to keep them all going. IT management is not just about bandwidth usage, performance metrics, CPU utilization, and uptime. It also includes the IT team, actionable daily tasks (ex. tech support) and project work (ex. software development) that they are responsible for completing. 

What is IT Monitoring?

At its most basic level, IT monitoring ensures that an organization’s IT resources (servers, storage, applications, etc.) are available and performing at the levels expected and required. This can be as simple as sending a ping to a device and waiting for a response, or running an advanced service check to get a more detailed view into its operational status. Alerting of network issues before they become major catastrophes, and providing visualization of network performance, maximizes an IT team’s output while keeping costly downtime at a minimum.

IT monitoring dashboard

Management and Monitoring in IT Harmony

The importance of monitoring the entire IT infrastructure of an organization comes down to the significance of keeping a business moving and growing, ensuring uptime and improving efficiency. IT management has a history of being more reactive, with IT administrators (due to a myriad of factors like budgetary restraints, project prioritization and workload) waiting for something to stop working before going to fix it. With an IT monitoring solution in place, there’s assurance that devices and systems are working reliably, alerting teams to issues before they become costly problems. Ultimately, this frees up time to focus on more valuable work, thus increasing output and productivity. 

How Opsview Helps

As IT environments become more complex, there’s higher risk that something (or multiple things!) within an infrastructure will fail. Most IT monitoring solutions, like Opsview, include key features such as Notifications, Autodiscovery and Business Service Monitoring that can be easily configured to ensure IT systems remain up and running.  Also, IT monitoring is not just about alerts and recovery. Opsview’s customizable dashboards and in-depth reporting make it easy to demonstrate IT performance, while pre-built Opspacks make it easy to monitor applications, integrations and networks.  

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