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How to Use IT Monitoring To Fit into Your DevOps Culture



2015 has been a year full of new trendy buzzwords in the world of IT. However, the one term which may run away with the crown of attention is DevOps. Endless think pieces have been written about DevOps, debating everything from its definition to why so many people have swiftly gravitated toward its significance. Pundits are still attempting to decipher what role DevOps will have in the future as an IT collaboration method, but an important question that IT professionals should be asking themselves right now is this: how can I use IT monitoring to best fit into my growing DevOps culture? When turning to DevOps as a means of adding value to your business, your monitoring solution is an ideal place to start. But before getting into the details of the monitoring/DevOps relationship, let’s break through the misconceptions of DevOps and get a firm understanding of its real meaning.

What DevOps Truly Entails 

Let’s end the confusion now. Some folks are of the belief that DevOps is a certain type of job or skill-set…this is incorrect and misleading for IT pros who are intrigued by the rise of DevOps within their industry. For the answer to the almighty question, we turn to leading IT research firm Gartner to provide the best DevOps definition we’ve seen thus far: “a movement born out of the need to improve the agility of IT service delivery by emphasizing collaboration between operations and development teams.”

The promising potential of a culture that brings in specialists from multiple areas (such as software development, operations, and quality assurance) is the reason why so many companies are investing and adopting in this concept. Ultimately, collaboration is the foundational essence of DevOps and the central reason why its methodology is in such a flourishing state.

Why IT Monitoring Works So Well With DevOps

Now that we’re equipped with a valid definition of DevOps, we can delve into the details of its intersection with IT monitoring. System monitoring products continue to thrive since they are becoming an increasingly integral aspect of IT success. And when your IT monitoring solution is working at an optimum level, everyone is happy. Developers are able to remain focused on their own tasks, operations doesn’t have to run the risk of triggering alerts that don’t matter, and sysadmins ensure all segments of the environment are being properly maintained, all of which increase the likelihood that a DevOps strategy will go according to plan.

When turning to DevOps as a roadmap to organizational success, shared responsibility and complete transparency are primary vehicles that are necessary to lead your business in the right direction.  Clarity is a must in order for everyone to understand what’s going on within your systems, and an IT monitoring solution with exceptional visibility makes it easy for the entirety of the IT department (as well as all other parties involved) to be on the same page. If you want to ensure that your monitoring strategy is optimized for DevOps, you can use the following guidelines as a reliable check-list:

  • Visible service health dashboards
  • Historical incident tracking system
  • Alerts which get compiled into a single platform
  • Monitoring agents built into deployment

Final Thoughts

If you have a robust IT monitoring system in place, you are in a position to prevail in the journey to implement a DevOps culture. A quality IT monitoring system will promote open communication, with plug-ins for collaborative tools such as Slack, Docker, and SalesForce giving your business the ability to monitor a variety of today’s prevalent technologies. Having these types of integrations within your monitoring solution will translate to a strong foundational DevOps culture. In the world of DevOps, working together in order to deliver the best performance on behalf of your business is the primary goal, and knowing what needs to be fixed along the way (IT monitoring) is essential in arriving at your final destination.  

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