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The DevOps Manifesto

The DevOps Manifesto

The concept DevOps is more popular today than ever before. Previously called “cross-functional,” this new culture of DevOps promotes the idea that IT professionals can contribute to more than one team in a more meaningful way. As a result of this shift, it has become increasingly important for organizations to understand how adopting new work practices can profoundly impact the ability to monitor and maintain complex distributed systems. 

This eBook is for anyone interested in learning more about the emerging roles within modern IT organizations, and the benefits of encouraging individuals in those roles to follow their passions and leverage their talents.  

This includes:

  • Understanding how the DevOps culture is changing your job
  • Learning more about the three most prominent personas in the world of DevOps
  • Example testimonials from DevOps staff at Opsview

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by Jess Korn,
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