Training Courses

Opsview Administration

This course is designed for administrators of an Opsview Monitor system.  Building on the concepts introduced in Opsview Essentials, you will explore administrative functionality within the product above and beyond basic day to day usage.

This Instructor-led, web-based training is delivered online via a web conferencing service.

What you'll be able to do after attending this course

You'll be able to use many of the more sophisticated features of Opsview Monitor, working 'under the covers' as well as using the web user interface.  This includes working with the Opsview databases as well as configuration and log files.  The knowledge you gain will allow you to manage a multi-site Opsview infrastructure, troubleshoot common problems as well as fine tune the installation for a better user experience.

Course Contents

  • Understanding the Opsview architecture
  • Configuring Distributed Monitoring (Opsview Collectors)
  • Using a separate database server
  • Fine tuning alerts
    • Flapping
    • Time periods
    • Exceptions
    • Event handlers
  • Business Service Monitoring (BSM)
  • Databases
  • Log files
  • Best practices
  • Course duration - 3 Hours


  • An understanding of the concepts and terminology introduced in the Opsview Essentials training course
  • Experience using the Opsview web user interface to perform basic monitoring and configuration tasks
Training dates Price Attendees
  • August 19, 2021 FULL
  • September 15, 2021 09:00AM EST/2:00PM UK
  • October 13, 2021 09:00AM EST/2:00PM UK
  • November 17, 2021 09:00AM EST/2:00PM UK