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Where to Research Nagios Competitors

If your organization has been using Nagios, you know its limitations -  from its complex installation and configuration to its lack of agility, scalability, and product stagnation - the upkeep can be stressful, and IT resources are wasted. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s time to look for a replacement

We know IT monitoring is a saturated market, full of Nagios competitors and the choices available seem overwhelming. If you’re starting the search from scratch, there’s so much to consider and a slew of questions you will want to ask - what do we need to monitor, what are the most important product features to my organization, what does my current monitoring environment look like, how much growth does my organization plan to do in the next 5 or 10 years? And many, many more.  

Where you get information, or more specifically, where you get information you can trust is entirely up to you. At Opsview, we are frequently asking our customers, “how did you hear about us?” And while the answers are unsurprising, we think they’ll help you when choosing where to start your search. 

Google Nagios Competitors

A simple Google search will return a myriad of results on IT monitoring, specifically Nagios competitors. Want to know which monitoring solutions will be compatible with your existing Nagios plugins? Need better scalability? Google makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Read Independent Review Sites

Independent review sites like IT Central Station and TrustRadius are great because they publish real customer reviews across a wide range of topics. Are you looking for the best tools for enterprise monitoring? Or the best vendors for data center monitoring? Product reviews are a great way to compare your options all from a single space. Have a great recommendation? Write a review of your own. 

Nagios Competitors on IT Central Station

Visit Online Communities

Online communities like Reddit and Stack Overflow are great places to get honest answers on the Nagios competitors out there. Ask a question or start a community and receive unbiased feedback from a group of informed individuals. Or read through existing discussions and share your comments. 

Ask for Colleague/Friend Recommendations

Who do you trust when looking for a new doctor or great place to eat? Your colleagues and friends are a wealth of knowledge, so use them! Often, you’ll find feedback or hear information that you hadn’t even considered. 

Demo Opsview

If you’re looking at Nagios competitors, Opsview should be on your short list. Not only will our support team work with you to make a seamless transition, but we offer both full and partial migrations. Additionally, we have lots of online resources available including migration checklists, how to use the migration tool, and post-migration tips. Ready for more information? Get in touch with our sales team to schedule a demo or start a free 30-day trial.


When you’re looking at Nagios competitors who are going to match, if not outperform in service and functionality, there are many great places to start. Sit down with your team, and make a list of what you need to successfully monitor your entire IT infrastructure. From there, use the resources you have available to make your decision. 

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