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Dashboards provide a great way to take various elements of Opsview Monitor, such as graphs, event tables, and visual process maps, and configure them to meet your needs. You can then display them on large TVs in the NOC or throughout the office. Choose to have a Dashboard per data center, office, customer, etc., which can show you the overall health and performance of each environment and their components. 

Create a Single Pane of Glass

See everything you're responsible for, all in one place. There's no need to search through multiple instances, or worse, multiple logins. It's all right there, making you more efficient and helping you to reduce costly downtime.

Dashboards in Opsview Monitor

Dashboards in Opsview

Make it Your View

These custom views are created using Dashlets, which are customizable, resizable, analytical views using the detailed data contained within Opsview Monitor. Customize your Dashboard to show you exactly what you need to see, and how you want to see it, all in one place.

Drag. Drop. Monitor.

Drag and drop Dashlets display the relevant data using a wide range of pre-built templates – giving you that rare combination of ease of use with powerful customization.

Visualize Cloud Services

Visualize the Cloud

Dashboards allow you to easily view groups of metrics organized as you choose. You can quickly view large amounts of data in a user-friendly view, making trends and anomalies immediately obvious across all your cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

Faster Time to Insight

With Opsview Monitor's Dashboards, you can quickly see and identify issues so you can ensure the fastest resolution.

Opsview Monitor Desktop

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