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Opsview Monitor contains a powerful Autodiscovery feature capable of going into your network, finding your hosts, profiling them (e.g. this is a VMware server), and more. You can then take autodiscovered hosts and bulk configure them with ease, saving time and effort. 

Monitoring Built to Scale

Autodiscovery is a great way to add thousands of hosts in minutes. It can be run from Opsview Monitor Master or Slave servers, allowing you to autodiscover hosts even if they are on remote networks. You can even schedule scans to make sure new hosts and devices are added and monitored. It's monitoring that's built to scale with your ever-growing infrastructure.

Autodiscovery feature

Easy Setup and Configuration

Take any Autodiscovered host or network device and bring it into Opsview. You can then easily configure the new hosts and devices to add them to a host group, apply a host template, configure checks, or even add them to a custom Hashtag group, all in a few clicks.

See Everything

You can scan by a range of IP addresses or search via DNS names in your network. See all your devices, what agents they contain, and any network services that exist in order to greatly reduce setup and configuration time.

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