Consultancy Services

Standard Quick Start

Designed to get you up and monitoring as quickly as possible, this five day engagement will see your Opsview Monitor system deployed and optimized for your environment and hardware.  We'll also assist you with getting your hosts monitored, as well as advise you on best practice techniques to help you roll out Opsview Monitor across your entire estate.


  • System design
  • Opsview Monitor software installation
  • Configuration of distributed monitoring (if applicable)
  • Assistance with Opsview Monitor agent deployment
  • Configuration of service checks and templates
  • Population of Opsview Monitor with up to 50 devices
  • Configuration of contact and notification options
  • Assistance with system testing


  • Valid Opsview Monitor Enterprise Subscription
  • Existing functional network infrastructure with necessary security permissions
  • Suitable server hardware or virtualized infrastructure
  • Network topology diagrams
  • Spreadsheet of devices that are in-scope for this project (using Opsview supplied template)
  • Access to key members of network, server and application support teams
Duration Price
5 Days $13,110.00 CONTACT SALES