Consultancy Services

Major Assisted Upgrade

If your Opsview Monitor system needs an upgrade to a later release, an Assisted Upgrade will give you access to a consultant who will manage and deliver this upgrade for you to ensure a successful outcome.  Our Customer Success team will be able to provide you with advice on whether your upgrade is considered Major or Minor. The size and complexity of your system will dictate if you require a Major or Minor upgrade.

Major Assisted Upgrade Package Includes:

  • Planning and scheduling of the upgrade
  • Performing the upgrade of your Opsview Monitor system
  • Confirming the system is running correctly following the upgrade
  • Resolving any issues arising from the upgrade
  • Knowledge transfer and demonstration of any new functionality

Customer Pre-requisites:

  • Valid Opsview Monitor Enterprise Subscription
  • Remote or on-site access to the Opsview Monitor infrastructure
Duration Price
2 days $6,170.00 CONTACT SALES