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The Cost Of Not Monitoring Infographic

In a time when security is essential to the well-being of all IT infrastructures, sysadmins fully understand the importance of having full visibility into the health of their systems. Monitoring solutions are at the core of protecting your environment and while the varying costs between different vendor options are often discussed at department meetings, the conversation that doesn’t happen enough is identifying the exact cost of NOT monitoring. The numbers fluctuate depending on the scale of your business, but the headaches that come with extended periods of downtime is shared amongst all IT pros as is the need for uptime monitoring.

In order to help you avoid this unnecessary stress, we have created a self-service Savings Analysis tool (which will be unveiled very soon!) that provides specific insights by calculating how much you can save via an Opsview monitoring solution as well as how you can reduce the chances of experiencing extended periods of downtime. To accompany it,  here is an infographic that provides background into the numbers behind not monitoring and what negative consequences can occur if a powerful, flexible solution isn’t in place.


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