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Nagios Alternatives

There was once a time when Nagios was deemed as the ‘industry standard’ monitoring solution. As the years have gone by and monitoring technology has evolved, it’s become clear that there are many other types of monitoring software available better equipped to solve the ever-growing needs of modern IT organizations. Despite the limitations of Nagios, plenty of IT admins don’t see the need to explore Nagios alternatives, even if they are a better fit for their expanding infrastructure. But today, there isn’t an excuse to be stuck in the dark ages of monitoring! Whether you prefer to utilize free, open-source monitoring or operate at an enterprise level, it is important to be aware of the beneficial capabilities that are provided by Nagios alternatives. 


For any monitoring tool you choose, it is vital for it to scale and keep up with the needs of your business, such the integration of prevailing technologies. Many solutions claim they excel in scalability, but can only monitor a limited number of devices, which is not ideal for dynamic and growing environments. The most successful monitoring tools maintain a wide range of compatibility, process many service checks and collect historical data points on a daily basis. While Nagios has a relatively static configuration, other monitoring solutions place scalability at the top of their priority list. 

Ease-of-use and flexibility 

One common complaint from Nagios users is the complexity of its installation. With so many competitors in the market of IT monitoring, there is no need to deal with a stressful onboarding/management process. Many monitoring software’s take Nagios-based code and make it is easier to work with by adding enhanced functionalities designed for straightforward workflows. When a monitoring tool has a reasonable learning curve and comprehensive documentation (with community participation/input), it empowers and evolves your monitoring efforts at a quicker rate than if you settled for Nagios. 

Consistent updates 

Monitoring tools built for longevity are constantly expanding the breadth of their services and adding new product features to provide a better customer experience. While Nagios still suffers from outdated issues, alternative solutions are putting great emphasis into upgrades that promote user versatility and automatically strengthen security policies. Enterprise and open-source monitoring tools may differ in terms of how often updates can occur, but the best Nagios alternatives place great focus on critical business components and offer more insight to your IT decision-making process. 

SaaS monitoring

Monitoring solutions that are orientated toward a SaaS-approach are becoming more popular thanks to its direct correlation with cloud monitoring and DevOps efforts. Not every IT organization is fit for the SaaS model, but the monitoring companies who execute it properly are rewarded with competitive advantage and fulfill an area of need that Nagios does not focus on. The SaaS market has different implications than the greater IT monitoring landscape, so be sure to do your research and pick a solution that provides insights into the performance of your most critical SaaS applications. 

Nagios Alternatives in 2017

While there many IT monitoring tools out there, there are only a few that have full compatibility with your current Nagios implementation. Learn how Opsview lets you take what you have in Nagios and makes it better by being a powerful alternative for your IT monitoring organization. 

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