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Considerations when choosing a hardware & infrastructure monitoring platform

Your Challenges

  • Disparate vendors and types of infrastructure to monitor
  • Geographically dispersed infrastructure among multiple datacenters, potentially collocated with 3rd party hosting providers
  • Sub-optimal methods for identifying and adding new device types and manufacturers, including servers, switches, storage, etc.
  • Inconsistent monitoring configurations and disciplines
  • Additional monitoring infrastructure just to collect SNMP on top of base monitoring

Your Needs

  • A single, standardized approach and solution to ensure that monitoring is consistent and pragmatic
  • Global metric collection fed back to a single vantage point
  • Full-featured, viable SNMP polling and trap ingest
  • Consistent and standard alerting and notification with high value filters easily applied

Our Capabilities

  • Monitoring of infrastructure that is inclusive of the software running on top of them
  • Thousands of included and community plugins provide integration with almost any hardware
  • Visualization and reporting tools allow easy identification of trends, bottlenecks, capacity planning, etc., all from a single pane of glass
  • Extensibility to include future hardware not currently in your datacenters
  • Scalability, including geographically diverse infrastructure support. Collect data from multiple datacenters

Take control of your complex IT infrastructure with Opsview Monitor.