Tackling Legacy Systems

Visibility: Limited

Legacy monitoring solutions may be unable to provide insight into cloud and other dynamic technologies. This can lead to tool sprawl: use of many monitoring point solutions, each providing limited visibility while adding complexity and cost. Better solution: a single monitoring system, providing "single pane of glass" visibility into the full contemporary IT stack.

Managing Change

Most non-greenfield enterprises maintain substantial inventories of legacy infrastructure: good strategy, so long as impacts of technical debt are controlled, and aging tech can be kept on its feet at reasonable cost. Essential for success: a unified monitoring solution able to mind older inventory right alongside fast-changing new technologies. 

Prevent Outages

IT outages and security breaches are devastatingly costly, and can destroy an organization's market traction along with hard-won customer trust. Impacts of outages and breaches are best minimized by unified monitoring, providing visibility into the whole IT stack, coordinating alerts and troubleshooting, and speeding remediation of faults when they occur.

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