VictorOps Integration Overview

VictorOps is a hub for centralizing the flow of information throughout an incident lifecycle. Driven by IT and DevOps system data, VictorOps provides a unified platform for real-time alerting, collaboration, and documentation. Using VictorOps, teams are able to resolve incidents faster to help minimize the impact of downtime. Their message platform allows users to send various messages to VictorOps and create rules within the main application to dispatch alerts via various methods such as SMS, Email, and its integration with Opsview ensures that your important notification methods are working as expected.  

How does it work?

Opsview and VictorOps are able to communicate using the VictorOps API. This can easily be added into Opsview Monitor to take advantage of all of the advanced notification methods of VictorOps. Some of their advanced features include scheduling overrides, mobile apps, real-time incident management and more. Since the VictorOps integration with Opsview is available out of the box, it takes little time set-up time and you're able to quickly leverage its capabilities in order to increase productivity within your environment. 

VictorOps Screenshot in Opsview


For information on setting up and configuring VictorOps as a notification method in Opsview Monitor, read the full guide on our Knowledge Center