Twilio Integration Overview

Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make/receive phone calls and send/receive text messages using its web service APIs. Their cloud communications platform works with a large variety of applications and our Opsview integration with Twilio ensures you always know what's going on within your wide spectrum of communications capabilities. 

twilio 1.png

Twilio integration screenshot

How does it work?

Twilio and Opsview can easily be integrated into one another with a few quick steps. Opsview’s integration helps set the standard for advanced SMS alerting. The Twilio integration allows you to take advantage of all the great features including SMS alerts, multi-lingual services, real-time analytics and bi-directional messaging. Here are a few of the highlight features of Twilio that become easy to monitor with Opsview: 

Programmable Communications

  • Embed messaging, voice, video, and authentication in your apps with a simple and powerful API 

Super Network

  • Their distributed software that manages routes through carriers and the Internet  

Twilio mobile alerts

Detailed SMS alert sent from Opsview to Twilio SMS alerting platform

For more information on setting up Twilio in Opsview Monitor, check out the full guide on our Knowledge Center