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HipChat Notifications

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6.4
Opsview Supported

HipChat Notifications


Atlassian Hipchat integration is available out of the box with Opsview Monitor. Like Slack, Hipchat is a modern day pseudo 'chat room', that allows teams of Users to collaborate over the internet. The value-add over a chatroom is that Hipchat allows 'inbound integrations' from various tools such as Opsview Monitor. This means that an 'Operations team' can have a chat room, where alerts from Opsview are sent - they can discuss and view notifications in the same forum - as opposed to a standalone email. To configure this integration, Users need to setup an account on HipChat and follow the steps below to activate it on the Opsview system.

​To configure this notification method, see our Knowledge Center