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AQL Notifications

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6.4
Opsview Supported

AQL Notifications


AQL provide a simple way of transmitting SMS alerts from Opsview. This service works from most countries; all you need is an AQL account.

Sign up for prepaid credits at aql.com with the code 'opsera-1234' to receive discounted rates and 50 free credits.

AQL Username: This is the Username for the AQL system. Click on Check Credit to see how many credits you still have from AQL.

AQL Password: This is your AQL password.

AQL's solution requires that the Opsview server has connectivity to AQL over HTTP/80. AQL's messaging servers are:

  • gw1.sms2email.com
  • gw11.sms2email.com
  • gw2.sms2email.com
  • gw22.sms2email.com

These servers are used in a round-robin fashion, so your firewall must allow connection to each one.

Finally, If you use a web proxy server, enter the proxy information within the 'Proxy:' field, in the format: http://User:password@Host:port/