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Distributed Architecture

Opsview Monitor is a fully scalable solution built around a highly distributed architecture. Databases can be offloaded to dedicated servers and slave servers act as ‘remote collectors’. This allows you to monitor any host, no matter the location, and have that data sent back via a secure, encrypted tunnel. 


With Opsview Monitor's distributed architecture, scalability worries are a thing of the past. Rather than running separate monitoring instances, Opsview enables you to scale your single monitoring solution across numerous servers, locations and continents while maintaining your single pane of glass view.  

Easy Visualization

Single Point Of Management

Opsview Monitor’s distributed architecture provides all the advantages of running checks at the right places within your infrastructure, while ensuring all of these results are handed back to a central system for management. This means that all notifications can be administrated from a single location and reports can be generated on the same system with all of the data they require.

Saves Time And Money

Distributed architecture provides a single secure channel that is easy to set up and maintain due to a minimal need for licenses, hardware and configuration. This single point of management saves you time, money, and offers peace of mind with reliable security being at the forefront of your needs. 

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