An Event is when a Host, Service Check, Business Service, or Component changes state. If a host changes state from 'up' to 'down', an Event is generated which logs the date/time and other details.

Learn How Opsview Tracks Events

Server Monitoring Overview

Events Graph

The Graph will display in a bar format all the events that occurred within a certain time period. These bars will group the events together and reflect the number of events that have happened in that time period.

Events Viewer Docs

Filtering the Events Viewer

Filtering allows you to pin-point specific events within the Events Viewer that you wish to analyze and interpret. Within the Events Viewer there are four ways of filtering:

  • Period
  • Search
  • Filter Button
  • Selecting the bars on the Event Graph

How to Use Filters

Monitoring Dashboard Panes

Opsview Monitor: Drilling Down to Details