What data center operators can learn from Google SRE teams

John Jainschigg, content strategy lead at Opsview, shares his views on what data center operators can learn from the search giant’s site reliability engineers.
Jul 24, 2018

The noughties witnessed many experimental breakthroughs in technology, from the introduction of the iPod to the launch of YouTube. This era also saw a fresh-faced Google, embarking on a quest to expand its portfolio of services beyond search. Much like any highly ambitious, innovative technology initiative, the firm encountered a number of challenges along the way.

In response, Google began evolving a discipline called Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), about which they published a very useful and fascinating book in 2016. SRE and DevOps share a lot of conceptual and an increasing amount of practical DNA; particularly true since cloud software and tooling have now evolved to enable ambitious folks to begin emulating parts of Google’s infrastructure using open source software like Kubernetes.

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