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Being A Technical Intern At Opsview

Sam joined us in June 2017 as our Technical Infrastructure Intern – find out how he found the role, what the interview process entailed and what life at Opsview is like.

Tell us about yourself – What are you studying? What are your interests outside of university?

The majority of my life revolves around technology. I've always loved tinkering with gadgets from a young age and as the years passed on, I discovered the wonders of computers, how they work fascinated me. What was a hobby later became my studies. I study Computer Science at 'Cardiff University with a Year in Industry' which I chose to help me at turning my passion into a profession. Outside university, apart from living the regular student life, I like traveling, hiking and swimming.

How did you decide on what sort of placement you wanted to do?

It was a natural decision for me to take a placement year as part of my degree since I have already had good experience and an avid interest in the areas of technology and software development. I go by the saying 'practice makes perfect' and what better way to do it than to go for a placement year.  

How did you prepare yourself for the search for a placement?

I knew that finding work for my placement year would not be simple as there would be a lot of students applying at the same time, for the same roles, and that it would be very competitive. Personally, I started my preparation and search at the beginning of my 2nd year at university (September-October time).  I first made sure that my CV was up to date, well formatted and to the point. Then, I made a list of the best websites on which companies advertise their roles. By checking these regularly, I could see the new open opportunities and round them up.  Placement opportunities open constantly throughout the whole year and you need to be on the lookout since they come and go quickly.

How did you find the role at Opsview?

When the time came to apply, I had to narrow my choices down as there were many open positions at different IT companies. I would go over and carefully read the descriptions and take all the different factors into consideration before applying: location, role, the company itself, start date etc. By being persistent, you will eventually find a position which suits you well. I found the role at Opsview, listed on, the day after it was posted. I felt that it met my requirements and background perfectly, so I immediately sent my CV out and got a reply the next day for scheduling an interview.

What was the interview process like?

The first interview was straightforward, answering questions about yourself, your studies, experience and interests, nothing too technical. After approximately a week, they came back to me with an invitation for a more technical interview, this time with questions related to the role itself to check how knowledgeable you are and if you’re suitable for the position. After that was done, they would then invite you to a face-to-face interview which consisted both of technical questions and personal ones, mostly to check how you would fit in, working in a team, communicating and conversing. From then on, you would wait for the results which usually come out quickly. The Opsview interview process was very enjoyable and I didn't feel pressured as the people I was assessed by were very friendly.

You’ve been at Opsview a little while now – What is your role like? What responsibilities do you have?

At Opsview, I am a Technical Infrastructure Intern, working on connecting everything from supporting colleagues with their systems to server and network monitoring, helping to keep the company stay afloat. The role is both enjoyable and challenging since it puts your organizational skills to the test. If you are up for a dynamic, challenging but fun job, communicating with colleagues, working together at fixing important issues and like working with Linux, then this job might be for you! 

Do you have any tips to help people who are looking for their 2017 industrial placement?

The advice I would give to everyone on the lookout for having their placement year at an IT company would be to start their search early, be persistent, prepare before every interview, know what company you are dealing with and the requirements of the role. You can't be prepared for everything and the more experience you gain from interviews, the more confident you will be, so never be afraid to take those interviews. Have your CV looked at by friends or family and let them give you their opinion. Be confident in yourself, don't lose hope being turned down, go the extra mile when preparing for the interview, knowing small details speaks well about you and of course try and prepare yourself as best as you can for the technical questions, know the role.  

We are recruiting for our 2017 Techincal Infrastructure Intern right now,  learn more here and we also have plenty of other industrial placement opportunities available. 


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